Software Developed


RRPTC (Regional Register for Potentially Toxic Chemicals)

Browser View Software developed for all Punjab Districts to view the Information of Industries in district  having database of Potentially toxic chemicals with their MSDS Sheets


Bhopal Off-site Emergency Plan

Disaster Management Institute, Bhopal had initiated efforts to develop
capabilities for preparing comprehensive Emergency Management Plans. As a
part of this capability development, it had prepared the Off-Site Emergency
Management Plans including that of Bhopal District with respect to Major
Accident Hazard (MAH) industries of Bhopal in the year 2001.


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On Site Emergency Managment Plan(OEMP)of JSW Steel ltd.-Vidyanagar(Torangallu )

The OEMP of JSW-Torangallu has been prepared on the basis of identification of major hazards and hazardous locations leading to maximum credible loss scenarios (MCLSs) and associated consequences. Since the MCLSs are associated with worst-case release scenarios, therefore, OEMP of JSW-T has been prepared primarily on the results of such scenarios. According to MS&IHC Rules 1989 as amended in 2000, it is a mandatory requirement for the occupier of a Major Accident Hazard (MAH) unit to prepare an OEMP as per Schedule 11. Directorate of Factories, Govt. of Karnataka is the legal authority to which the On-site Emergency Management Plans are to be submitted under Rule no. 13.