With the time the requirement of the Institute changes and therefore the amendment is required in the aims and objectives of the Society. The modified aims and objectives are as follows: -

    • Conduct training and awareness programmes in Disaster Management and related subjects for the officials and executives of Government Departments, Public and Private Sector Undertakings and others with a view to make them aware of the potential hazards, way to control them and equip them to conceive an prepare emergency plans and execute them effectively in case of crises arising due to natural disasters or disasters caused as a result of human activities.
    • Run Post-graduate Diploma and Degree courses in Disaster Management and Industrial Safety.
    • Carry out research oriented studies in matters concerning causes and effects of disasters, their mitigation, management and other state of –art techniques.
    • Collect and store information’s on all matters concerning hazards and disasters and disseminate the same effectively.
    • Offer consultancy services to industries and others.
    • Institute awards, scholarships, fellowships, prizes and medals etc. for furtherance of the aims and objectives of the society.
    • Carryout the certification of Disaster Management Plans.
    • Development of policies, regulations and programmes of disaster management as per the Disaster Management Act 2005.
    • The ultimate objective of the Institute is to ‘prevent or mitigate the consequences of disasters and thereby benefit the general community’.