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Consultancy services provide a potent means for actually promoting safety and disaster mitigation – a key objective of the Institute. Besides, proficiency in providing such services is also the principal means to achieve self-sufficiency, as identified by the strategy paper of June 2002. The project period saw the development of vital capabilities of the Institute, leading to rising recognition of our competence and growing self-confidence. Particularly in the last two years DMI has succeeded in winning prestigious projects with major corporate houses, in both the public and private sectors, within and outside the State. The NDMU also was able to win some major consultancy projects - a welcome development.

Harnessing modern and cutting-edge technology for enhancing the efficacy of disaster management efforts was recognized as a key philosophy for the Institute. With this in view and exploitating the nations pre-eminence in remote sensing a remote sensing cell has been established in the Institute. This included training of our geologist at the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) Dehradun and acquiring GIS Software, a GPS and expertise. The cell has since been active in a few projects.

Over the last four years DMI has gained experience in offering consultancy services in the following fields:-

  1.  Natural Disaster Management

  • Development of multi hazard district disaster management plans.
  • Mitigation measures for earthquake disasters particularly earthquake resistant construction and retrofitting techniques.
  • Contingency plan for flood disasters.
  • Ground water recharge and drought management studies.
  • Emergency evacuation of high-rise buildings and disaster management in such buildings.


 Industrial Disaster Management

  • Safety audits for industrial units.
  • Risk analysis in industrial units for various hazardous substances including fire, explosion and toxic release.
  • Management of hazardous wastes.
  • On-site disaster management plans for industries.
  • District off-site emergency management plans for Maximum Accident Hazard industries.