1. District Awareness Programmes
    2. List of District Awreness Programmes in Year 2016-17
    3. Bhind
    4. Hoshangabad
    5. Morena
    6. Sheopur


    1. Awareness about disaster has been propagated through the following means:-
  1. Types of Programmes
  1. Workshops
  2. Painting Competitions
  3. Quiz Competitions.
  4. Cycle Rallies
  5. Interactive,question-answer sessions
  6. Film Shows
  7. Photo Exhibitions
  8. Essay Competitions
Awareness Activities at Distt Hqrs


The awareness programmes have been conducted with the support and help of our following partners:-

  1. State Government
  2. Respective district administrations
  3. Local bodies such as Panchayats and Municipal Authorities.
  4. Educational institutions.
  5. Technical organisations
  6. Industrial associations and specific industrial units.
  7. NGOs


    1. Target Audiences

The awareness programmes have focussed on the following target audiences:-

  1. Response departments of each of the District Administrations
  2. Technical and professional bodies.
  3. Students from technical organisations
  4. Students from school and colleges
  5. Village communities
  6. Communities living in the vicinity of Hazardous Industries
  7. Local level NGOs and voluntary organisations
  8. Teachers
  9. Transporters of hazardous chemicals
Industrial workers



Past Awareness






Recent Awareness

Awareness programme on disaster management for the school students at high school - borawa, khargone on 31-01-2013.




Awareness programme on disaster management for the school students at Middle school- bither, khargone on 30-01-2013.





School Students High Secondary School, Borawa, Khargone (Madhya Pradesh)

School Students Middle School, Bither, Khargone (Madhya Pradesh)

School Students Government High School, Aghawan – District Khargone (Madhya Pradesh)

School Students Govt. H. S. School, Barslay- Distt. Khargone (Madhya Pradesh)