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The efficacy of mitigation measures is directly dependant on the degree to which the community is aware about these issues. Further, an aware community also promotes and accelerates the implementation of mitigation measures by government and other agencies. Once a disaster strikes, minimisation of loss and casualties is again significantly dependant on the degree of preparedness of the community, which is also the most potent ‘ first responder’ in a disaster event.

Keeping the above in view, DMI has made concerted efforts at organising awareness programmes. particularly in the outlying districts. Such programmes have been carried out in partnership with respective district administrations and various local institutions.

Themes for Public Awareness

  1. Composite Groups

Disaster management being a multi-disciplinary endeavour, awareness programmes have been targeted at composite groups so as to facilitate better coordination and inter group working. However, some specific groups have also been selected for providing greater insights into specialised themes.

Composite groups are usually drawn from the various departments in the district headquarters concerned with disaster mitigation, preparedness and response.  These include general administration, police, engineering, (such as public works) and medical. These are supplemented by co-opting NGOs, teachers and public representatives. DMI commenced organisation of such workshops about three years ago and so far these have been conducted in 11 districts. The following themes have been put across:-

  1. Emergency management vis-à-vis types of potential disasters in the area
  2. Disaster preparedness including ‘Do’s and Don’ts’
  3. Roles and responsibilities of each departments in managing disasters
  4. First aid demonstrations
  5. Search and rescue demonstrations


  1. Technical Organisations

DMI has been working in collaboration with technical organisations and professionals and students from various technical fields to discuss the issues of concern to such bodies. The following themes have been discussed at these sessions:-

  1. Engineering perspectives of Disaster Management
  2. Earthquake Resistant building construction
  3. Flood protection
  4. Management of medical emergencies including trauma care.
  5. Management of psychological impact on disaster affected people. 
  6. HIRA in chemical Industries.
  7. Hazardous waste management & environmental issues


  1. Student Bodies        
    Awareness programmes for school and college students have covered the following themes:-
  1. Understanding different types of disasters and their impact.
  2. Disaster preparedness including ‘Do’s and Don’ts’.
  3. Emergency drills
  4. Ecology & environment


These themes have been conveyed through the following mediums:-

  1. Quiz competitions
  2. Essay writing
  3. Seminars
  4. Debates
  5. Cycle rallies
  6. Drawing competitions

Awareness Activities for  Students

  1.  Village Communities

Village communities constitute among the most vulnerable sections of society in the State. As such special efforts have been made to address issues of concern at village and individual householders levels by involving panchayats and local NGOs. These include:- 

  1. Preparation of village level emergency management plans using a participative approach
  2. Actions to be taken after receipt of warnings and during onset of disasters
  3. Do's and Don'ts in case of natural and industrial disasters


  1.  Industrial Safety and Disaster Management

Following the risk analysis of MAH Units, the Institute has taken the initiative to make the communities in the vicinity of such units aware about the following issues:- 

  1. Impact of fires, explosions and toxic releases
  2. Protection measures against these hazards
  3. Information displayed on emergency panels of vehicles transporting hazardous substances.
  4. Do's and don'ts in case of fire/explosion and toxic release
  5. Films showing the impact of industrial accidents


  1. Industrial Workers

DMI has organised awareness programmes on of occupational health and safety for industrial workers in various Industrial areas in collaboration with regulatory bodies viz. Directorates of Industrial Health and Safety (in different States), State and Central Pollution Control Boards, District Administrations and Industry. During the programme the workers have been made aware on following major themes:-

    • Mechanical Safety at Work Place
    • Electrical Safety at Work Place
    • Safety during handling of Chemicals
    • Safety in loading, unloading and transportation of Chemicals
    • Issues related with Occupational Health